Farm & Crunch Project

The Problem:

1.     The amount of food lost or wasted cost 2.6 trillion USD annually and is more than enough to feed all of the 815 million hungry people in the world 4 times over.

2.     According to the FAO, high and low income countries discard similar amounts of food (670 and 630 million tonnes, respectively) – but there is a major difference in where and how the loss occurs.

3.    In low-income countries, loss occurs more often in the earlier stages. For example, in Sub-Saharan Africa, 83 per cent of food is lost during production, handling/storage and processing, while just five percent is wasted by consumers, according to the World Resource Institute.

4.     The containment measures and closure of academic institutions, organisations, businesses does not only impact extremely vulnerable households now with poor nutrition but will continue to do so post Covid-19 where rising cost of food is expected to continue.


To collaborate with farmers across the country to work on new methods of tackling high quantities of waste and use our skilled team of farmers to empower the young boys and fathers to bond whilst teaching the skill of farming for long term financial and health benefits that can support their families for generations to come. 


The solution:


·       Develop better processing methods during cultivation

·       Create chain relationships between farmers and restaurant to distribute produce that would be considered as “waste” (due to not aesthetically fitting retailer profile)

·       Create chain between farmers and local people whereby they receive produce at a discounted rate.

·       Create road shows of food demonstration centres that exchange ideas of how food can be used and produced in different ways (from different regions and countries) which will begin a wave of innovatory.

·       Utilise agricultural technology to preserve produce.

·       Utilise smart technology in order to effectively communicate with potential partners of the ‘waste’ chain so that income is effective and minimal waste is eliminated.


The idea of Farm and Crunch was inspired from the very root of Youth Link Networks which was formerly known as Youth Link. The idea has extended from the decision to create a nutrition garden by Paul, Shaban and Charles to respond to the needs of pregnant mothers and children in particular that was subject to very ill health such as malnutrition, particularly during drought periods. The garden started off on a piece of land which was provided to the young people by the sub county in Iganga District so the three young men choose to pursue this garden to help the community. Now in 2020, the land is no longer available to the youth but we have in turn taken the skill to people’s homes and guided them on cultivating their land.

With your donation today to help support the Farm & Crunch Project you will enable our team to get a step closer to combating this major issue of food waste that is impacting global warming on a grand scale across the world. You will also allow us to support farmers to maximise in every area of cultivation so that their financial return is more rewarding and lastly empowering our young boys (but not limited to) into a skilled and prized industry that can have major long term benefits of financial stability and better nutrition.


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