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Corperate Partnerships

If you’re an organisation with ambition to see a world where Young people have better prospects of employment whilst considering climate change and making safer environmental choices then please contact us.


Why partnerships?

The African population is expected to double by 2050 with 80% of this growth expected from urban cities and Sub-Saharan Africa.


It is now a crucial time in society for developing effective partnerships that enables us to achieve a shared mission. When we share knowledge and experience, our chances of making significant impact increases.


More and more young people from Western Society are returning to Africa creating development opportunities and seeking them, therefore we welcome you to join us in collaboration to create culture connections and tackle our mission altogether.

Taking Notes

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate to us:


Just Giving

You can donate to us directly through Just Giving or if you're feeling particularly charitable, why not fundraise and get people to sponsor you?


You can make a tax deductible donation‏ directly to us here through our website! Just click the button below for more information.

Bank Transfer

Not interested in all the fuss? No worries! You can donate to us directly via Paypal just scan our QR code below!

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