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Our Approach

Sustainability is at the heart of our work. We believe in building solid foundations that will create further opportunities for economic, education and social benefits.

Our Mission

Partnership with both local and global governmental & non-governmental institutions

At Youth Link Networks, we believe in building lasting relationships that develop effective Partnerships with local government institutions, such as District Local Government departments for longer term impact beyond the life of a given project. We are also open to collaboration with Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), National and Intentional Development Agencies working within our areas of operation to facilitate strategic project planning and implementation for the betterment of the lives of our beneficiaries. 


Capactiy Building

We invest in our staff and volunteers by providing training and imparting skills to develop professionally and build confidence that makes a significant impact into the communities that we work in. We also do the same by investing in our stakeholders in our project line of delivery at multiple levels ranging from the district to the Sub-County up to the community structures. We offer trainings in needs assessment and project impact review so that those stakeholders can know what they might offer in support of the different projects being implemented or affiliated to Youth Link Networks.    

Our Mission

Compassionate Care (Psychosocial Support, PSS and Mentorship)

We provide critical support that enables our vulnerable populations to succeed. This is through providing psychosocial support (PSS) to beneficiaries and restoring hope among them.  This also includes provision of family counselling and guidance, mentorship and other life support skills to combat several challenges encountered in daily life.


Evidence based through use of developed curriculum

Community members are given education services through the use of developed guiding documents (manuals) to ensure that standard and quality services are delivered to beneficiaries with sustainability as the beneficiaries can time to time make references to our guidance stipulated in.

Using sustainable initiatives to empower young people.

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