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Farm & Crunch

The Goal:

Inspire young people into agriculture as a career path through other young people and develop a community of leading youth farmers that exchange knowledge and lessons learnt which contribute to innovative solutions to global climate crisis.

The Problem:

The challenges on urbanisation from young people in Uganda have resulted in the loss of the valuable agricultural knowledge and skills, contributing to food security risks and limited employment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Project Timeline


Expected start: April 2024

Expected completion: October 2029


1. Promote sustainable agriculture and empower young farmers to create 2,500 jobs over 5 years, fostering economic growth and livelihood improvement.

2. Raise awareness of climate change's impact on agriculture and implement effective mitigation tactics to ensure resilience and adaptation.

3. Improve nutrition accessibility and education through sustainable farming practices, emphasizing the involvement of young people.

4. Enhance agricultural productivity and income generation to support the economic development of the community and encourage youth participation in farming.

Expected Outcomes 

1. Create over 2,000 job opportunities, with a particular focus on vulnerable and marginalised youth, by providing farming accreditation and training in sustainable agriculture practices.

2. Increase awareness and promote positive attitudes and behaviours towards climate change among the target population, aligning with the Global SDG goals on climate action.

3. Implement strategies to reduce food waste, maximize profits, and enhance food security through improved pre- and post-harvest handling of agricultural produce.

4. Ensure fair and equitable access to opportunities for young people from marginalized communities, fostering inclusivity and social empowerment within the agricultural sector.


Target Population 

Young people from 12 - 28 years old. 

NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training)


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


Just Giving

You can donate to us directly through Just Giving or if you're feeling particularly charitable, why not fundraise and get people to sponsor you?


You can make a tax deductible donation‏ directly to us here through our website! Just click the button below for more information.


Not interested in all the fuss? No worries! You can donate to us directly via Paypal just scan our QR code below!

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